Sunday of The Last Judgement

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The third Sunday of the pre-Lenten season in the Orthodox Church—which would be the second Sunday before the beginning of Great Lent—is called the Sunday of the Last Judgment. At this Sunday, at the Sunday service, the Divine Liturgy, the very well-known parable of Christ in Matthew 25 is the reading, the parable of the Last Judgment. And on this Sunday, of course, as usual, all of the hymns for the day—vespers, matins, there’s a canon at matins—[are] all dedicated to a reflection and meditation on the final judgment.

In this parable, Jesus says that when the Son of Man comes in his glory with all of his angels and sits upon his glorious throne, that he will gather before him all the nations, and this tells us that all the nations and all the peoples of the earth and every individual person will give an account of his or her life at the end of the ages. Read more...