Educational Resources

Stewardship education is also among the responsibilities of our clergy and laity in local parishes.  The Stewardship Commision has compiled materials from various sources for use on the parish level. In addition it has put forth two in what is anticipated will be a series of helpful resources with the implementation of Christian Stewardship in our diocese.

Additional resources will be made available through the efforts of the diocesan Stewardship Commission. These include articles in the Church Messenger, periodic stewardship updates on the Diocesan website, workshops, retreats and personal stewardship consultation as requested.

The Stewardship Commission is available to assist parishes in customizing these resources. Contact the Commission by email (, or by telephone 770-485-0504. 

Diocesan Stewardship Mission Statement and Theological Reflection

Read the Draft  Diocesan Stewardship Mission Statement prepared by the Diocesan Stewardship Commission.  Learn what the Church Fathers and theological writers have to say about Stewardship.

Download Mission Statement and Theological Reflection  (PDF Format) 

Stewardship A Way of Life - Resources I and II

STEWARDSHIP: A WAY OF LIFE I offers you materials for personal and parish reflection. It includes the proposed Stewardship Mission Statement for our Diocese, and a theological reflection on that statement. The resource further contains materials that can be used individually as well as in educational settings. These resources include sermons and sermon ideas for the clergy, youth stewardship materials and stewardship materials garnered from other Christian bodies whose insights may be helpful in our own stewardship education.

STEWARDSHIP: A WAY OF LIFE II  is a continuing effort to move our parishes to a year-round “Way of Life” stewardship. In addition to further educational stewardship materials for adults and children, this resource contains some tried and successful processes for transition from a dues system to a pledge system, sample letters, pledge cards for time, talent and treasure, and other ideas for parish stewardship ministry.

Learn More & Download Resource I

Learn More and Download Resource II 

Stewardship Resources on the Internet.

Series of Articles on Stewardship in the Orthodox Reading Room of ACROD Website

“Tithes and Firstfruits” by Fr. Dmitri Cozby:
The Theology of Giving” by Fr. Dmitri Cozby:

Caring for Our Parish Family” by Prota Slobodan Jovic:

A blog on “Tithing in the Early Church” (check links in left column):

"Christian Unity and Stewardship" by  Fr. Frederick Watson

Many resources are available from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese:

Liturgical Resources

Moleben of Thanksgiving and Stewardship For Parochial Usage (PDF Format)

Report of the Stewardship Commission to Diocesan Sobor (June 2010)

Stewardship Commission Report 2010 (PDF Format)

Sobor 2010 Workshop (PDF Format)

Epistle Reading: Acts 12:1-11

Gospel Reading: John 8:31-42

Pachomius the Great; Achillius the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Larissa; Barbaros the Myrrhbearer of Kerkyra; Andrew the Hermit & Wonderworker; Placing of the Honorable Head of the Apostle Titus

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