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Metropolitan Nicholas' Visitation To Slovakia And Transcarpathia Day 1 & 2

His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas travelled to Slovakia and Transcarpathia (Ukraine) from June 17 to June 29, 2006. Accompanied by Subdeacon Len Myers, the purpose of His Eminence's visitation was to participate in a Symposium marking the 100th Anniversary of the compilation and printing of a monumental hymnal of the Carpatho-Rusyn Plain Chant by The Rev. John Bokshai. In addition to attending the conference, His Eminence was the guest of His Eminence, Archbishop Jan of The Orthodox Diocese of Presov, Slovakia and travelled extensively throughout the villages of his ancestors, visiting and praying at many historic churches. The posted photos show scenes from days 1 and 2, where he visited the Cathedral of The Nativity of the Theotokos in Presov, and concelebrated Divine Liturgy with His Eminence Archbishop Jan in the Church of All Saints in Krasy Brod and visited the St. Nicholas Home for Children in Medzilaborce.
Metropolitan Nicholas bid farewell to the children.
Metropolitan Nicholas reads the Gospel.
Metropolitan Nicholas with Archbishop.
All enjoyed the meal which followed the Liturgy
Later in the day, Archbishop Jan and Metropolitan Nicholas travelled to St. Nicholas Home for Children in Medzilaborce.
The Faithful surround the All Saints Parish Church.
The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Presov, Slovakia
Archbishop Jan gave gifts to the children.
"Glory to God in the Highest!"
Metropolitan Nicholas addresses those in attendance at the conclusion of Vespers on Sat June 17, 2006.
Metropolitan Nicholas converses informally with Archbishop Jan after Vespers.
The patronal feast day procession with the reading of the 4 Gospels took place after Liturgy. The deanery churches all closed their churches to be at All Saints Parish. About 400 people were in attendance.
Bishops pose with some of the children.
The procession to the Church
Archbishop Jan is met at the entrance to All Saints Church in Krasny Brod with the traditional gifts of bread and salt.