Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth: Week 3, Wednesday July 30, 2008

The posted photos show scenes from the fourth day of the New York, New Jersey, New England and Canada Deaneries camping week (Week 3: July 27-Aug 2, 2008)
"The Servant of God is annointed with the oil of St. Nectarios for the healing of soul and body in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..."
Fr. Michael offers the hand cross to a camper for veneration following Morning Prayers.
The youngest children's cabin activity was Plain Chant music class.
A mid day rainstorm did not ruin the campers day, they enjoyed a lively game of charades.
Wednesday evening's activity was the viewing of the movie, "The Incredibles" in the outdoor pavilion.
The day's event for Team Nazareth was a camp-wide "dance-off" dancing competition.
The ball races from the pitchers mound during the morning kickball game.
The campers learned about St. Paul's exorcism of the slave-girl and St. Paul and Silas' imprisonment and conversion of the jailor and his entire household.
Alex chants the daily Epistle reading.
"O Holy Father Nectarios, Pray to God For Us..." Fr. Michael led the celebration of the Wednesday evening's Moleben to St. Nectarios. The angelic voices of the 135 campers singing the responses added to the beauty of this popular service.
The camp staff prepares home-made pizza's for Wednesday evening's supper.
The counselors gather the materials to be used during the arts and crafts session.