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2012 Orthodox Youth Mission Team ASP Trip, July 7-15

The Orthodox Youth Mission team was in Johnson City, TN from July 7-15, 2012 to participate in the Appalachian Service Project. The team was lead by Father Luke Mihaly of Holy Trinity in Danbury, CT along with 4 other adult leaders. The team consisted of 11 teens from the parishes of Holy Trinity Danbury, CT, St. John's Mill Hill Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, Holy Trinity Yonkers, NY, St. Barbara's Orange, CT and St. Alexis in Clinton, CT.

The first project was installing vinyl siding, reframing an outside wall, and creating a drainage ditch for an elderly woman who lives alone. The second project was installing a new outside wall, including framing, insulating, sheathing and siding for an elderly couple. The third project was flooring, replacing a bathroom, and repairing a roof leak for a Korean War veteran who also lives alone.

In addition to the construction work, the team participated in many social, cultural, and devotional activities with two other church groups at the center. After a long week of hard work, the team was rewarded with a visit to Hershey Park. On the way home, they also attended Divine Liturgy and received a very warm welcome at Church of the Holy Ascension in Frackville, PA and visited the Holy Protection Monastery in White Haven, PA.

If you are interested in joining this Orthodox Youth Mission Team, creating your own team, or have any questions regarding this service opportunity, please contact team leader Susan Sulich at or Father Luke Mihaly at More information on The Appalachian Service Project (ASP) is available at
After multiple training, fellowship, and fundraising sessions, the team is ready!
Fr. David Cowan from Holy Trinity in Yonkers came to send off his crew. We left from Congregational Church of New Fairfield whom we trained and traveled with.
"Circle Up" is a ritual before travel to worship and reflect as a team.
The center was a Methodist church with many amenities, including a soccer field.
The team attends evening gatherings for community and devotional activities.
Team Superdupont (SD) hard at work!
Team Superdupont (SD) siding in action
Everyone does their daily chore duty to keep the center clean and functional.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) built a new outside wall.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) measure twice, cut once!
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) teens attend multiple safety training sessions so they are ready to use all required power tools.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) install OSB (plywood)
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) install OSB (plywood)
This is what the sleeping areas look like. Everyone brings twin air mattresses and we live in a common area all week.
Team Superdupont (SD) demo'd and rebuilt 2 outside walls.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) drilling in the base trim
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) preparing the grounds
Team Superdupont (SD) team with their homeowner
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) installing OSB (plywood)
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) insulating their new wall
One evening gathering always consists of a cultural event that enlightens us to various aspects of living in Appalachia. These were two students from University of Tennessee who played banjo and autoharp while telling stories and history of the instruments and music in the area.
The team writes postcards to all of their financial sponsors back home to let them know what a great experience they are having, and to thank them for their support.
Team SuperDupont (SD) installing J-channel for vinyl the pouring rain!
Fr. Luke held a lesson to discuss the evening gathering from Orthodox perspective.
Team SuperDupont (SD) cutting the siding.
An engineering background is not necessary, but comes in very handy when some creative solutions are required!
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) new wall from the inside.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) new wall from the outside.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) new wall completely sided.
Team Squirrel Girl (SG) with their homeowners.
Team Spirit of 76 (76) installing new flooring
Team Spirit of 76 (76) painting trim
Team Spirit of 76 (76) one of the finished products
Team Spirit of 76 (76) with their homeowner
Team SuperDupont (SD) with their homeowner
A well deserved respite at Hershey Park on the way home.
The team attended Divine Liturgy and received a very warm welcome at the Church of the Holy Ascension in Frackville, PA
The team visited the Holy Protection Monastery in White Haven, PA.