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2013 Camp Nazareth Program - Week 2 Friday - Part 2

Week 2 of the 2013 Diocesan Camping Season;

July 21-26, 2013

Campers from the New York, New Jersey, New England, Florida and Canada Deaneries enjoy the much cooler second Diocesan Camp week !

Posted photos show scenes from Friday July 26, 2013. (Part - 2)

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Gumbo -- a mixture of many different events
Enjoying time in the Bishop's Game
Some of the Maintenance Crew going to plant the tree
Planting a tree in memory of Fr. Michael Rosco
A few shovelers were needed
Fr. Rosco's campers were able to help with the planting
It was really a moving event
The sapling got the "good stuff" out of each bottle.
Each camper had an opportunity to water the sapling as well.
Sometimes you just need this.
The workout group
CN Skits -- sometimes they include flying
CN Skits -- Getting the lines right
CN Skits -- did a storm-trooper and the Syth
CN Skits -- Yoda made an appearance
CN Skits -- good times
CN Skits -- Pterodactyl Attack
The "Atomic Cup" Winners in Sports
Sportsmanship Award
Sportsmanship Award
Cleanest Cabin
Outstanding Camper Award
Camper of the Week
Our Seniors giving their Senior Speeches
Bishop's Game