Photo Gallery

2013 Camp Nazareth Program - Week 3 Thursday

Morning WIP -- a little dancing
Morning WIP -- Work-in-Progress
Praying together at the beginning of the day
Morning prayers
Do you think he caught it.
Camp is very picturesque
Part of the Maintenance Department
Ready, set, hurl
"Be the ball"
Running down the ball in Atomic Soccer
Taking a nap during sports?
The 2013 CN Staff
The Maintenance Department
Our Lifeguards saving on dry land
Noah's Public Ask-out of K-K for the Friday Dance
Nick's Public Ask-out of Samantha for the Friday Dance
Nicky's public Ask-out of Katie for the Friday Dance.
Ethnic Baking is always a lot of fun and delicious too
Beautiful Candles made by the campers
Make-your-own-candle at Arts & Crafts