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Archpastoral Visit to Toronto, Day 2, Tuesday Sept 10, 2013

His Grace Bishop Gregory visited St John the Compassionate Mission and St Silouan the Athonite Parish where he celebrated the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, during which Subdeacon Theodore Alamanos was ordained to the Diaconate.
His Grace enters the Mission for the first time.
Fr Maxym, our Dean, welcomes Subdeacon Theodore's family.
Bishop Gregory is welcomed by Fr Roberto.
Clergy and faithful enter the chapel.
Nicolaie is tonsured a Reader.
The washing of hands.
Subdeacon Theodore is led around the altar by Fr Roberto & Fr Deacon Pawel.
....elevates the most devout Subdeacon Theodore to the office of deacon.
Axios! Vesting in new stikhar.
The diaconal orar is given.
Axios! Axios! Axios!
First Litany for Fr Deacon Theodore.
The Bishop and clergy with SOME of the parishioners.
Bishop Gregory with Fr Deacon Theodore and his family.
Food at Last!!
Bishop Gregory appreciates his gift from the Mission and Parish.
Fr Deacon's daughter Maria likes her flowers!
Bishop Gregory with diocesan clergy as he leaves the Mission.