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Archpastoral Visit to Rockford, IL (4/6/2014)

His Grace Bishop Gregory made his first Archpastoral visit to Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Rockford, IL in the evening of Sunday April 6, 2014. His Grace was greeted with flowers by the youth in a similar fashion as His Grace Bishop John Martin of Thrice Blessed Memory was once greeted in a tradition from the ancestral homeland of the founding parishioners.

Posted photos show scenes from the arrival of His Grace Bishop Gregory along with highlighted moments from meeting many of the members both young and old.

Eis polla eti Despota!
the Hand Cross ready to be offered as soon as His Grace arrives!
The Traditional Bread and Salt prepare by Pani Marianna
A chair for a special visitor!
Angie holding up signs made for this special visit.
A floral welcome with a tradition from Belrus!
Rockford's newest member Joey excited to greet Bishop Gregory
His Grace with Church Photographer and Youth Coordinator Sophia
Claire and Adam greet their Bishop
Newest Altar boy Aaron listening to His Grace share words of encouragement as Pascha draws near!
Both the oldest and youngest youth groups greet and offer His Grace with flowers.
Rus a founding member enjoying time with His Grace Bishop Gregory.
Bishop Gregory greeting Rockford's founding members.
Ashely offers His Grace a Coke
His Grace looking over some signs offered to him that will make their way to Johnstown!
Deacon Janke having served over 52 years as a Deacon is offered a special gift from His Grace Bishop Gregory for his dedication and all that he has faithfully done for Christ's Church.
Our Bishop with his people