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ACRY Ambassador's 2014 Real Break Mission Trip To Romania

In keeping with the missionary spirit of the ACRY, Nathaniel Choma, a student at Kent State University, joined a team of Orthodox College Students on an Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) sponsored Real Break short term missionary trip to Romania from March 22-29, 2014.

The student team traveled to Valea Plopului, a remote village about 70 miles north of Bucharest, Romania. This community takes care of about 220 orphans, handicapped children and children from families with financial hardships. The orphanage is a ministry of the Pro Vita Association, an Orthodox, non-profit, non-governmental organization.

View a reflection written by Nate Choma, here:

Posted photos, courtesy of Nate Choma show scenes from the 2014 Real Break Romania Trip.
Outside the chapel of St. Tatiana.
View of Pro Vita from the chapel of St. Tatiana on the hill.
The main church of Volu Populi that was under repair.
The church in Volu Populi where we celebrated Annunciation.
Father Robert Mclean kneeling during the last evening prayers service with the children of Pro Vita.
The Romanian Parliament building.
The iconostas inside the Romanian Patriarchate.
Inside the Romanian College Student church, where the iconostas is a miniature replica of the Patriarchate in Moscow.
Inside the church of St. Sypran. A full living relic of his arm is at the far left.
Far off view of the main branch of Cernica.
The main church of the monastery of Cernica, where we stayed two nights.
The grave of Vlad Tepes, better known as Vlad the Impaler.
Outside the monastery of Crasna.
Racing with the children on our last day at Pro Vita.
The main church of the monastery of Antiem.
Outside the main church of the monastery of Antiem.
The Romanian Patriarchate.
The main church at the monastery of Crasna.
View of the village of Pro Vita.