Photo Gallery

2014 Diocesan Camp: Week 1 - Thurs July 17

Week 1: Johnstown/Pocono/Southern Tier/Youngstown/Chicago Deaneries Day 5: Thursday
Stretching before Morning W.i.P. is a must.
The Younger Campers were doing Zumba during their Morning W.I.P. session.
Great group picture of the campers in the church for Morning Prayers.
Campers congratulate each other after getting a goal in Ringball.
Campers and their coach take a break from Ringball.
Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets the ball first.
The younger campers are really enjoying their Ringball experience.
Coaches from Team Greece show off their team spirit.
This senior camper uses the bounce pass to get it to his teammate.
Look at the determination on this campers face.
Younger campers count down the last seconds of their Championship Game.
Younger Camper Champions of Week 1!
Some last minute planning while down by a point for this team.
...And the planning was successful. Your Older Camper Week 1 Champions of Ringball!
Campers on the hike today were stopping and finding out how magnificent God's creations are.
Wonderful questions were asked during Bishop Time for the Oldest Campers.
Plain Chant class seemed really fun for these Cabin 5 girls.
Also these boys from Cabin 3 were very majestic singers.
While shooting sticky bows and arrows during the Religious Game was only one aspect...
...Figuring out which letter goes where was the other challenge.