Photo Gallery

2014 Diocesan Camp: Week 1 - Mon July 14

Week 1 - Johnstown/Pocono/Southern Tier/Youngstown/Chicago Deaneries Day 2: Monday
Starting the morning off with a roller coaster ride during Morning W.I.P.
Morning Prayers with some of the young ladies from Cabin 5.
Younger Campers enjoying the new camp sport Ringball.
Even surrounded by five blue jerseys this camper was able to get the ball to his teammate to score.
Older Campers Ringball Field
Waiting for the pass to get to this camper.
Our clergy and a volunteer stop for a quick picture at the Ringball Field.
Bishop's Time with Cabins 7 and B.
Cabins 3 & 5 experiencing different scents of incense during Arts & Crafts.
The oldest cabins, A & 8 were learning plain chant during Cabin Activity Rotation.
Cabin 6 hopefully were able to get out of their human pretzel during Team Nazareth.
Cabin 1 girls also in the human pretzel during Team Nazareth.
Campers praying during the Evening Service.
Fr. Miles reading the gospel during the Moleben to the Theotokos.
After a little rain, the sun came out for the start of our Pool Party!!!
Some brave campers helped out to be the "Red Sea" during the staff skit at the beginning of the Pool Party.
Some counselors ready to try out the New Slide!
His Grace Bishop Gregory stops by some of the games in the pavilion during the Pool Party.
Also some Ethnic Dancing lessons were available in the Pavilion during the Pool Party.