Photo Gallery

2014 Diocesan Camp: Week 1 - Tues July 15

Week 1: Johnstown/Pocono/Southern Tier/Youngstown/Chicago Deaneries Day 3: Tuesday
Morning W.I.P. was a read knee slapper for this camper.
Morning Prayers in the beautiful Camp Church.
Bringing back a past sport to mix things up a bit.
The switch in sports really made the campers stay on their toes.
The younger campers all charge the bin to collect points for their team.
Team Greece is working on their country's jersey as a unique part of the sports this year.
Campers from cabins 3 & 5 are set to hike with some of the counselors.
His grace Bishop Gregory is telling the campers from Cabin's 1, 4, and 6 what his favorite color is, what his is favorite sport, and what is his favorite board game.
Cabin 1 girls mixing in the different scent options to their incense.
Cabin's B & 7 practicing their Plain Chant down at the refurbished campfire site.
Fr. Jonathan is pictured serving the beautiful Moleben to St. Nectarios down at the Shrine.
This counselor and camper are enjoying some dancing at the Ruysn festival in the pavilion.
The kitchen and lifeguards are ready to help serve the ethnic foods during the Festival.
Cabin 5 girls are pictured eating some traditional ethnic foods.
Some counselors and campers were performing the Sword's Dance during the Rusyn Festival.
Siblings were dancing during the festival!
These girls were really in to the Hopak.
Some Cabin 6 Boys posing for a picture during the Campfire.
These boys from Cabin 3 were the loudest cabin by far during the campfire.