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Day 4- 4/30/02

HOLY TUESDAY April 30, 2002

Daily Commentary By Deacon Nectarios Trevino

Today Metropolitan Nicholas assisted in the Ritual of Consecration of Holy Chrism by reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke. The four gospels are read around-the-clock while the 33 oils are blended into Holy Chrism.

Today we also visited Hagia Sophia. Unless you have been here you can never imagine how huge a church it was, especially given the timeframe within which it was constructed. It is an architectural wonder. The dome of the church literally seems to float above the marble floors below because of the light pouring in through the building. It is a wonder and testament to our Orthodox heritage.

I am as elated today as I was on Palm Sunday...but I am beginning to tire. His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas is an incredible leader. He continues to press on, tirelessly as a true Orthodox bishop. I once read in the book entitled 'Holy Fire' where then Bishop, now Saint Basil was confronting a member of the Royal Court...and the prince or member of the Royal Court said something like ''No one has ever spoken to me like that'' which Saint Basil replied, ''Well then, you've never met an Orthodox bishop!'' His Eminence is a bishop of the same lineage.
A View of the Central Dome at the Hagia Sophia Church.
Metropolitan Nicholas, Archdeacon Robert, and Deacons Nectarios and Joseph Stirring the Holy Chris
Metropolitan Nicholas Reading The Gospel of St. Luke Over The Holy Chrism.