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Day 2- 4/28/02

PALM SUNDAY April 28, 2002

Daily Commentary - By Deacon Nectarios Trevino

Today, Palm Sunday, was perhaps the most memorable of my life. I am short of words to describe the beauty and majesty of the services and the reverence of the people attending. People have come, literally, from all over the world to be here this week. I have met people from Serbia, France,Holland, the U.K., Amercia, Korea, and so many other places.

The cantors at the Patriarchal Church are absolutely incredible. I cannot begin to describe their overpowering voices; it is the music of angels. The Bridegroom Matins tonight was beautiful. The resonance within the church is perfect. Between the antiphonal exchanges of the cantors, next to and across from the Patriarch, and the Patriarch's voice - the service was very, very moving.

What is truly amazing is the accessibility of the Patriarch; he is truly a people's Patriarch. There is no entourage surrounding keepers to maintain the distance of the people. He greets everyone, blesses the children, and is what Christ must have been like as He walked among the people.

We three deacons were introduced to the Patriarch once by His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas...and he (the Patriarch) remembered our names for the remainder of the day.

That this was an awesome day is an understatement.
His All-Holiness Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW Adds His Voice to That of the Chanters During Bridgegroom Matins.
Looking Over the Shoulder of the Patriarchal Chanters -"It is impossible to describe their overpowering voices; it is the music of angels." - Deacon Nectarios
Metropolitan NICHOLAS at the Patriarchal Church of St. George, During Bridegroom Matins of Holy Monday. To His right is Metropolitan Miros, a Polish Orthodox Chaplain With the Rank of Major General. To the Left of Metropolitan Nicholas is a Polish Orthodox Monk.