Photo Gallery

Metropolitan Nicholas' Visitation to Slovakia and Transcarpathia Day 10

On June 27, 2006 His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, accompanied by Bishop Agapit and Archbishop Vsevolod, visited the Woman's Monastery of St. Nicholas in Mukachevo.
Metropolitan Nicholas in front of the iconostasis in the new church.
His Eminence is greeted by Mother Epistimia upon his arrival.
The monastery is honored to have a relic (the hand) of St. Moses the Hungarian.
Metropolitan Nicholas with Bishop Agapit and Archbishop Vsevolod.
Metropolitan Nicholas venerates the relics of St. Moses.
Bishop Agapit examines the icon of the Synaxis of the Carpatho-Rusyn Saints which His Eminence presented to the Monastery as a gift.
More beautiful frescos which adorn the church.
"All creation rejoices in you, O Theotokos."
The new Monastery Church built to accommodate the large crowds that come for pilgrimage.