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Youth Pilgrimage 2007 - Fri Aug 17, 2007

The Second Annual Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage began on Friday afternoon August 17, 2007 at Camp Nazareth. Upon their arrival the pilgrims had the opportunity to venerate the wonder-working weeping icon of St. Anna, the Mother of the Theotokos. At the conclusion of Vespers,after the assembled priests and pilgrims sang Hymns in honor of the Mother of God, the icon, began to stream myrrh from the right eye of St. Anna. Soon the church was filled with an inexplicably beautiful fragrance. Later that evening, prior to the Compline Service, Priest-Monk, Athanasy (Mastalski), the pastor of The Russian Orthodox Church of our Lady, the Joy of All Who Sorrow, of Philadelphia, PA, the guardian of the icon, gave a presentation regarding the history of the icon.
A mother and her children venerated the icon following Vespers.
Many of those who received miraculous healings or answered prayers through the intercession of St. Anna, offered jewels and other items of precious worth in thanksgiving, which have been placed on the icon.
Metropolitan Nicholas Venerates the Icon of St. Anna.
Father Athanasy gave an interesting presentation on the history of the St. Anna Icon which was painted by nuns of an Orthodox Convenent in the Holy Land.
Fr. Athanasy carried the icon in procession to the Camp Church.
On Friday Afternoon, His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, Welcomed the Wonderworking Icon of St. Anna to Sts Cyril and Methodios Church at Camp Nazareth.
The day ended with a candle Compline Service.