Photo Gallery

Week 1: Tuesday July 15, 2008

Flag football was the sport of choice for the older campers.
One of the kickball teams takes a break from the action in the picnic grove.
This year's sport activity for the younger campers is kickball.
The early morning Sun shines on Sts Cyril and Methodios Church, the heartbeat of Camp Nazareth.
The campers engage in a discussion of contemporary moral issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective during "Orthodoxy Now"
Counselor Nick leads a Plain Chant instruction class in Sts Cyri and Methodios Orthodox Church.
Counselor Amy helps instruct campers during the daily arts and crafts session.
One of the cabins received instruction in ethnic, Carpatho-Rusyn dance.
Fr. Mark Leasure led some of the campers on a hike to the cross shrine that was planted during last summer's Youth Pilgrimage.
The campers took in the beauty of the cross shrine.
Adam venerates the cross held by Fr. Miles during Tuesday evening's service.
The older campers play a rousing game of flag football.
Cabin 2 is shown during a game of Giants, Wizards, Elves during the Famous Team Nazareth.