Photo Gallery

Week 1: Thursday July 17, 2008

Sammy form cabin 3 reads the Daily Epistle Reading during Morning Prayers.
Campers proudly displaying their "You bet your dupa I'm Rusin" shirts.
Will and Alex pay a visit to the camp gift shop during free time.
As anyone can see from this week's events schedule, the Diocesan Camping Program at Camp Nazareth provides a balanced program of recreational, educational and spiritual activities.
A camper enters the pool via the ever-popular water slide.
A camper jumps into the refreshing swimming pool.
The 2008 Kitchen Staff (From Left to Right) Caitlin, Sen Sen, Adam, Katy, and Elaine
Campers enjoy practicing their dance moves during ethnic dancing.
The Camp swimming pool is a popular place during free time.
A favorite dance of the campers is the "Hopak".