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Canada Mission Trip 09 Day 2

Wednesday was the first full day of our stay at St. John the Compassionate Mission. To say that it was an eye-opening experience would be a huge understatement. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality and Christ-like love that is shown to all who enter the doors of the mission. Our day began and ended in prayer in St. Silouan the Athonite chapel where we gathered throughout the day for the Third and Sixth Hours, Vespers and Complines. The light of Christ truly shines through the self-less labors of Fr. Roberto Ubertino and the staff of St. John's Mission. Today, we had the incredible experience of living our Orthodox Faith in a very tangible way.
The day began with the praying of the Third Hour.
" Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One Have Mercy on Us!"
Today's work project was to paint the exterior of the mission building.
Reaching for the sky... Dan paints the roof eaves from the third floor balcony.
Alex helps unload the provisions truck.
The day's work is not complete until the dishes are done....
Katherine, Rachel and Angela join two members of the community for dinner.
Father Peter annointed the faithful at the conclusion of Vespers.
During the evening Bridges program, a weekly lecture open to the community, Hilda the bakery manager, introduced the evening's theme, "Who is Mission?"
Very Rev. Roberto Ubertino spoke about the essential understanding that Orthodox Mission focuses on the person, recognizing the image and likeness of Christ within.
Gordon, a veteran worker at St. John's Bakery, spoke from the heart about how the mission helped him to overcome a serious addiction to crack cocaine. Gordon is one of many, that the mission has helped through its employment training program.
A very long, but spiritually fulfilling day ended with a candlight compline service in the chapel.