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Canada Mission Trip 09 Day 3

Our last full day at the Mission gave us another opportunity to assist the good people of St. John's Mission. We prayed, painted, broke bread and enjoyed each other's company. In the late afternoon we took a tour of St. John's Bakery, which is located next door to the mission and St. John's Thrift Shop located a five minute's drive away. We were amazed at how well run both enterprises are. These businesses employ the disadvantaged, offering them the dignity of work and an opportunity to gain the necessary experience and self-confidence to find permanent employment. This is one more example of how St. John's Mission seeks and recognizes the image and likeness of God in those to whom the Lord sends them. We ended the day with dinner and a quiet evening at the Lived Theology school to prepare for Friday Morning's 7 am Liturgy and departure for home.
The day begins with more painting.
Katherine pays painstakingly paints the trim in the laundry room.
Alex carefully paints the youth center wall.
Tim puts a new coat of paint in the classroom.
Fr. Roberto spoke to the teens about the various programs and services offered by the mission.
A much needed break after completing the day's painting.
St. John's Bakery.

The bakery offers many different types of organic breads and baked goods.
The bakery's modern kitchen facilities.
St. John's Thrift Store
The storefront.
Father Miles hunts for bargains.
Rachel and Katherine kept their eyes open for good deals.
Pizza time!
After supper, a competitive game of "spoons" gave the teens an opportunity to unwind after a long day.