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SOBOR 2009 - Mon July 13, 2009

The participants of the 21st Diocesan Council, Sobor participated in a full day of prayer and reviewing the life of the Diocese during the past three years. The day began with Hierarchichal Divine Liturgy in the Hotel Chapel and continued with general council sessions in the Ukrainian Cultural Center. In addition to hearing reports on the various diocesan Apostolates, the delegates enjoyed a thought provoking workshop on the concept of Proportional Giving and Stewardship as a means of furthering the growth and mission of the Diocese. The posted pictures show scenes from the day's events.
The beautiful hotel chapel.
Hierarchichal Divine Liturgy in the Hotel Chapel.
The Epistle Reading is Chanted.
Protodeacon Gregory Benc proclaims the Gospel.
Metropolitan Nicholas offers the Homily
May the Lord God Remember All You Orthodox Christians in His Kingdom....
Receive the Body of Christ....
Fr. Ronald Hazuda offers the handcross.
(2009 Diocesan Sobor)
Fr. Frank greets Deborah Hutnyan
The participants of the 21st Diocesan Sobor.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, gave a State of the Diocese Address.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Anthony of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, the gracious host of the 21st Diocesan Sobor, offered words of welcome.
In the absence of National ACRY President, Matthew Peifer, Board of Trustees member, John Bilanin gave a report on the Senior ACRY.
Father Kenneth Bachofsky gave a report on Camp Nazareth.
Father Matthew Moriak spoke about the Diocesan Youth Newsletter Daylight.
Diocesan Financial Secretary, Dan Breno gave the Diocesan Financial Report.
Fr. Ronald Hazuda presented the Treasurer's Report.
Board of Trustees Member Ted Koss, gave the auditor's report.
Deacon Stephen Hall, led a workshop discussing the proposal to increase the individual diocesan assessment to meet the administrative and ministry needs of the diocese.
Fr. Basil Aden of Rockford, Illinois gave a fantastic presentation on the concept of proportional giving and Christian Stewardship
Father Stephen Loposky makes a comment after Fr. Basil Aden's presentation.
Afternoon coffee break.
Ted Koss, Fr. Miles Zdinak and John Hrabchak
Emily Sarisky of Tabitha of Joppa Vestments was one of the many vendors at the Sobor.
Father Peter Benyo, Bill Bilcheck, Paul Best and Orestes Mihaly during the afternoon coffee break.
The clergy enjoyed one another's fellowship at dinner.