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2009 Summer Camp Wk 1 - Friday

The campers awoke to clearing skies and the promise of a glorious new day. Giving thanks to God for all of His Many Blessings and most especially for their time spent this week at Camp Nazareth, the campers joyfully participated in Divine Liturgy, receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Fr. Luke Mihaly, was the main celebrant of Friday morning's Divine Liturgy.
Chris, Ryan and Rachel led the campers in the singing of the responses to the Divine Liturgy.
Alex read the epistle reading.
Fr. John Pribish proclaims the gospel.
Fr. Luke preached the sermon.
Receive the Body of Christ
Participants of Diocesan Camp Week # 1
Cabin A
Cabin 1
Cabin 2
Cabin 3
Cabin 4
Cabin 5
Cabin 6
Cabin 7
Cabin 8
The kitchen staff
Clergy chaplains with Fr. Michael Ellis.
The Ellis Family .
During the afternoon the campers enjoyed playing Camp Nazareth Double Dare.
Free time in the rec room
Improv at Camp Nazareth....
The dance was the highpoint of the evening.
Will was happy to serve last minute shoppers who were eager to buy souveniers before tommorow's return trip home