Photo Gallery

2009 Summer Camp Wk 2 - Tuesday

Another beautiful day in among the mountains at Camp Nazareth! The regular activities ensued, along with a camp fire to end the night.
Fr. Stephen reads the Gospel to the campers during morning prayers.
Stashia and Nick lead the campers in morning calisthenics.
After enjoying pancakes, the campers listen closely to the morning announcements.
Campers show good sportsmanship after a game of volley ball.
Defense tries to stop the ball during a game of water polo.
Cabins 4 and 6 learn traditional Rusyn dances during the cabin actives.
Cabins 2 and 7 learned how to make pysanky from Barb and Harry Coe.
Cabin 5 huddles together to strategize.
These campers (and Pani Beverly) had to sing to regain their lost belongings.
Tuesday night ended with a cool night around the campfire.
"Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me"