Photo Gallery

Reconvened 21st Diocesan Sobor

The 21st Diocesan Sobor reconvened from June 13-15, 2010 at Christ the Saviour Educational Center in Johnstown, PA.

The Posted Photos Show Scenes From the Sobor Sessions and Scheduled Events.
Upon arriving in Johnstown, on Sunday Evening, the delegates were treated to delicious food ,served with loving care at an Evening Tea.
The servers at the Tea provided entertainment as they served the food.
These diners enjoyed their meal.
The dessert table.
Concert Pianist Elena Ulyanova, a parishioner at Christ the Saviour Cathedral offered the evening's entertainment.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas and Fr. Frank Miloro Pose with Elena
Sobor Liturgy Begins
Small Entrance
"Holy God!"
The Homily
Washing of Hands.
The Priests join in the singing.
The Kiss of Peace.
The faithful in attendance at Liturgy.
" Take and Eat...."
"All of You Drink of This...."
"Yours of Your Own...."
"Making the Change By The Holy Spirit..."
"Receive The Body of Christ..."
Delegates pray during Liturgy
Sobor Participants Pause For A Group Photo.
Metropolitan Nicholas Officially Opened the reconvened 21st Diocesan Sobor.
Trustee Anthony Horbal gave a presentation on the 3D Program.
Fr Michael Rosco gave a report on the work of the Diocesan Missions Commission.
Dr Christine Ross spoke about the formation of our newest mission in Farmville, VA
Fr Maximus Tatum Of Holy Myrrhbearers Mission in Hampton Roads, VA
Fr James Blomely of St Nicholas Mission in Murphy, NC
Holy Cross Mission of Columbus, Ohio
St Elizabeth Mission of Atlanta, GA
St. Alexis Mission, Lafayette, IN
St Nicholas Mission, Murphy, NC
Fr. Frederick Watson gave a presentation on the work of the Stewardship Commission.
Deacon Stephen Hall facilitated a workshop on Stewardship.
Daily Vespers were served by Fr. Frank Miloro
Gladsome Light.
Metropolitan Nicholas prays during Vespers
The faithful in attendance at Vespers.
Dinner followed Vespers at the Cathedral Educational Center
The delegates of theReconvened 21st Diocesan Sobor.
Fr. Ronald Hazuda, the director of the Priest's pension plan listens intently during the question and answer session.
Fr. Robert Rebeck spoke regarding the insurance aspect of the Priest's Pension Plan.
Fr. Michael Polanichka, Financial Secretary of the Priest Pension fund spoke to the delegates.
Deacon Robert Hubiak fielded questions regarding the investment objectives of the Priest's Pension Plan.
Dale Cosgrove makes a point during regarding the Priest's Pension Plan.
Metropolitan Nicholas offered the relics of several martyrs for the veneration of the faithful at the conclusion of the 21st Diocesan Sobor.