Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth 2010 - Week 2 - Mon

God Blessed the campers with a gorgeous day, sunny with a gentle breeze. It was a full day of prayer, sports, fellowship and good food for the body and soul.

The day ended with a pool party and an opportunity to stump the staff. If they could not answer correctly they had to jump in the pool!
Go Team! Campers rally together before their Soccer Match.
The winning World Cup team for the second game!
Beaters on the Quidditch pitch
Hufflepuf v Ravenclaw
Orthodox Mythbusters with Fr Luke and Fr Peter
Moleban for Saint Nectarios
Arts and Crafts with Cabin 3
Arts and Crafts with Cabin 5
Chilling at the pool.
Flying like an eagle...
Stump the Staff
Jurassic Nazareth Skit