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Ordination of Fr. Matthew Stagon to the Holy Priesthood

Fr. Deacon Matthew Stagon was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on Sunday October 3, 2010 on behalf of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas by Archbishop Anthony of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. Fr. Matthew is a 2009 graduate of Christ the Saviour Seminary and a vocation of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church of East Pittsburgh, PA.

Posted Photos, Courtesy of Stephen and John Fucsko and David Dutko, show scenes from the Ordination Liturgy.
Procession to the Church
HIs Eminence, Archbishop Anthony is escourted to the Church.
Procession into St John the Baptist Church in East Pittsburgh PA
His Eminence, Archbishop Anthony is vested in the center of the Church.
Lord, Lord, Look Down From Heaven and Visit This Vinyard Which Your Right Hand Has Planted and Establish it!"
Great Incensation of the Church
The Liturgy Begins.
The Reading of the Gospel.
The Great Entrance
"May the Lord our God Remember All You Orthodox Christians..."
Deacon Matthew is led by Protodeacon John Youhas to the Altar for Ordination.
"The Laying on of Hands..."
"The Grace Divine Fills that which is imperfect...."
Vesting of the new priest with the Epitrachilion.
Vesting of the new priest with the Zone.
Vesting of the Priest with the Epitrachilion.
Fr. Matthew is presented with the Cross
His Eminence Archbishop Anthony presents the newly ordained priest Matthew Stagon to the faithful.
"In the Fear of God, with Faith and Love Draw Near!"
"Receive the Body of Christ!"
Archbishop Antony bestowing a special Blessing to Pani Eleni
"God Grant You Many Years..."
Pani Eleni venerates the cross held by Fr. Matthew.
The newly ordained priest offers the blessing cross to the faithful at the conclusion of Liturgy.
Celebrants of the Divine Liturgy
Celebrants of the Divine Liturgy with the parents of Fr. Stagon and Pani Eleni
Archbishop Antony, Father and Pani Stagon, and Very Rev. Jonathan Tobias
Fr. Matthew Stagon, Pani Eleni
Fr. Stagon, Pani Eleni, and Father Matthews Parents
Rev. Fr. Matthew Stagon
Fr. Matthew address the faithful at the banquet in his honor.