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2011 Diocesan Altarboy Retreat - Sun June 26, 2011

The 2011 Annual Diocesan Altarboy Retreat took place from Sunday June 26- Wednesday June 29 at Christ the Saviour Cathedral and Seminary in Johnstown, PA. Posted photos show scenes from Sunday June 26, 2011

Father David Cochran, the retreat master, welcomed the altarboys upon their arrival at Christ the Saviour Seminary.
All enjoyed hanging out on the seminary lawn, before supper.
After supper, Father David went over the retreat schedule with the altarservers.
The altarboys listened intently to Fr. David as he explained the retreat schedule and rules.
After dinner the altarboys competed in the first of the Survivor - Johnstown games. In this competition the groups attempted to rise from a sitting position as a group without using their hands.
Father David introduced the retreat theme, "Poverty and the Least of the Brethren" by showing a short video on the reality of poverty and hunger in the world in the Cathedral Auditorium.
After the main presentation, the altarboys further discussed the origin of poverty in a small group rap session.