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Flood Damage in Manville and Rahway, NJ

On Sunday August 28, 2011 the Diocesan Parishes of St. John the Baptist of Rahway, NJ and Holy Ghost of Manville, N.J. were ravaged by the flood waters caused by Hurricane Irene.

The posted photos show the extreme flooding and storm damage experienced by the faithful of these New Jersey Deanery Parishes.
St. John's Church, Rahway, NJ
Street view of flooding at St. John the Baptist Church in Rahway.
A view of St. John's Church from the Parish Rectory
A rescue worker searches a nearby apartment complex in Rahway, NJ for those needing assistance.
Nicholas Fetchina wades through the flood waters.
The waters stopped rising in St. John's Church Basement just beneath the icon of the Mother of God. Note the electric lamp still burning before the icon, even though the electric cord and outlet were completely submerged in water!
A view of the street near Holy Ghost Parish in Manville, NJ.
The water outside of the Manville Church.
Early Sunday morning the water level started climbing up the stairway from the Church basement of Holy Ghost Church of Manville. By afternoon it had reached the sanctuary level.