Photo Gallery

2012 Diocesan Camp: Week 2 -- Mon July 23

Work-in-Progress, a.k.a. WIP is the Camp's morning exercise program
Morning prayers -- the way to begin the day
Heated bombardment action
"The picket fence" tactic during capture the flag
A much need break from the capture the flag action
"Gotchya!" -- Capture the flag
Heated bombardment action as part of the Camp Olympics
Making an Olympic Flag with the Camp theme -- "If you would enter life, keep the commandments." (Mt. 19.17)
Ethnic Baking -- "Baba taught them well"
Camp Beautification
Nobody does it better that our Lord
Making icons in the Craft Room
Pool Party at Camp
Senior Akathist Service
Senior Akathist Service
Relaxing in the Rec Room