Photo Gallery

2012 Diocesan Camp: Week 3 - Wed Aug 1 - "Christmas in August"

It looked the beginning of any other event, but it wasn't...
It was Cabin 8 going Christmas caroling to every cabin...
They invited each cabin they brought the Christmas message to, to join them at the next cabin....
Cabin 4 enjoying the caroling
It was "Christmas in August" for Cabin 5...
Caroling to cabin 3...
Surprise Cabin 3...
The cabins were completely surprised and joined with Cabin 8
The joy of a good deed was completely visible
Cabin 8 and the rest of the cabins made there way to Cabins A & B
Surprise Cabin A
Cabin A joining in the caroling
Cabin B listening to the sweet strains of the Camp's caroling
The caroling even came to the Camp rectory
The scene from the inside of the rectory looking out
The campers sang the carols with all their strength
Sneaking up on the Nurses Station to sing to the sick
Bringing Christmas to the Nurses Station
After "Christmas in August" was over. We missed "Christmas in July" by 1 day.