2010 National A.C.R.Y. Convention Concludes

NORTHSIDE PITTSBURGH, PA --   66Th Annual National  SR ACRY and 27th Annual JR ACRY Convention held here  Labor Day Weekend, 2010 (Sept 3-6, 2010) bore much fruit.   Meeting in joint and separate sessions, the National Junior and SR ACRY membership set in motion exciting plans for the coming year. In addition to deliberation in convention sessions, the participants heard presentations from the Diocesan Stewardship Comission,  and the Pan-Orthodox Agencies, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center  (OCMC) and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF - Campus Ministry) and the stewardship commission.

In new developments, the Senior A.C.R.Y.  launched a new philanthropic program known as  The ACRY Blessing.  The ACRY Blessing was established to assist seriously ill and handicapped children.  Diocesan members are invited to apply to receive a blessing grant, to be used to defray the medical costs or provide assistance in meeting the special needs of  children up to age 21.   Information will be forwarded to all diocesan parishes and posted on the ACRY website in the near future. 

The Senior A.C.R.Y. also  established a new position known as the ACRY Ambassador.  The ACRY Ambassador will be called upon to exemplify the ACRY'scommitment to service to others in the name of Christ through their participation in a charitable outreach and/or missionaryproject sponsored by the OrthodoxChristian Fellowship, Real Break Program) , the Orthodox Christian MissionCenter (OCMC), Habitat for Humanity or other charitable agencies.

The Ambassador will also be tasked with sharing the good news of the ACRY through speaking engagements at diocesan , parish and ACRY events, written reflections published in the Church Messenger and in the digital media and through personal contact with diocesan faithful of all ages.

The Junior ACRY members reviewed their charitable outreach programs from the past year and announced that their Lenten Appeal to support the St. Nicholas Home For Children in Slovakia netted nearly $5,000.00.  The decided that they will continue to support the St. Nicholas Home in the coming year. A possible trip to Slovakia to visit the Home was also discussed.  

The Junior ACRY also created a board level position of  Information Technology advisor  which will assist with the development of the Junior ACRY's presence on the world wide web.

The deliberations took place, as always, within the context of the Liturgical life of the Church with a full cycle of services including Liturgy and Vespers on Saturday and  Sunday Liturgy within the specially appointed chapel within the Four Points Sheraton, Hotel.

Many thanks are offered to the Northside Pittsburgh Chapter 42 for a job well done in offering their gracious hospitality  in hosting this year's convention.

The next National ACRY event will be the 63rd Metropolitan Orestes Memorial ACRY Bowling Tournament, which will take place Memorial day weekend 2011 (May 27-30) in Stratford, CT.