Church Without Walls Campaign Launched

Johnstown, PA  - The Distinguished Diocesan Donor’s Program aims to advance our momentum in the 21st century. This vital ministry has just kicked off its Church Without Walls campaign.

Just as the Virgin Mary holds out her arms, in the apse of our Orthodox Church, welcoming us into her warm embrace, presenting Christ to us, demonstrating she is “more spacious than the Heavens,” our Information Technology ministry reaches out to the Church beyond the limitations of our own created space.  This crucial ministry reaches those who are unable to attend the divine services, to bring them in through live broadcasting. So even those who are sick, shut in and down trodden, may still participate in the divine services of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Information Technology has planned upgrades to the website that along with ongoing live streaming, hosting and technical support expenses that will total $50,000. Additionally, we have aspirations of purchasing fifteen Mobile Broadcasting Units costing $5,000 each, which would enable all thirteen deaneries, Camp Nazareth and our new Bishop to have live broadcasting capabilities. The Mobile Broadcast Unit would enable:

  • Camp Nazareth to broadcast live for parents and others to participate,
  • Each Deanery to take part in diocesan-wide educational symposiums and conferences, as well as broadcast selected services, and
  • Our new Bishop to take on the road with him as he visits our entire God-saved diocese.  

Today, we ask you to support our diocese. Your contribution will help us advance our momentum in the 21st century in our ever-changing technology world and various diocese ministries. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of $100 or more to the Distinguished Diocesan Donor program.

Distinguished Donors are off to a great start this year, with contributions totaling nearly $40,000. Glory to God! We invite you to become a member and attend one of our Distinguished Diocesan Donor dinners near you to hear about the accomplishments of our diocese. Please visit for the most current information. With your help, together we can continue to advance our diocese. Thank you for your support.

Go to to donate on-line now or download a donation form and mail in your contribution!