Eastern Regional Lenten Retreat Concludes

VALLEY FORGE, PA  - The Eastern Regional Lenten Retreat took place today, March 26, 2011, at the National Christian Conference Center.  More than 40 adults, teens and children enjoyed a day of spiritual reflection and discussion on various aspects of the Christian Life.

Very Rev. Protopresbyter Peter Paproski and Deacon Stephen Hall, led the adults in a discussion of the topic: Transfigured into A New Way of Life; Rev. Fr. Jeff Zias, the Teen Presente, discussed the topic Living in the Light of Christ: The Battle Against Teenage Temptations. Protodeacon Gregory Benc served as retreat master for children ages 6-11 and spoke on the topic: Christ; The Light in My Life.

This  year's retreat was conducted in partnership with the Diocesan Stewardship Commission, who provided invaluable assistance with adult  component, creating the backround presentation materials and in the person of commission member Deacon Stephen Hall, co-presenter. Backround material on the nature of repentance and spiritual transfiguration was imparted through three short presentations. In the afternoon, all participated in two break-out discussion which discussed this topic in further depth, especially in the context of the Orthodox Home and Parish. Co-operatively, the groups discussed practical steps they could take in their lives to become better stewards of the time, talents and treasures, that God has gifted them with.

To learn more about the retreat we invite you to view the photogallery that is now posted here.  Audio recordings of today's sessions will be made available early next week and will be posted on-line.  Watch for more details.  

 Those who missed today's presentation are reminded that the second and final diocesan Lenten Retreat will take place for the western sector of the diocese on Saturday April 9,  2011 at St. Michael's Church,  Niles, IL  at 2:00 pm (CST)  Fr. Basil Aden, will give a similiar presentation on the topic: Transfigured Into  A New Way of Life. For  More information  contact Fr. Sam Sherry, the Dean of the Chicago Deanery at FrSam@juno.com