Spring 2013 Stewardship Commission Meeting

Stewardship Logo The Diocesan Stewardship Commission held its 2013 spring meeting at the Chancery in Johnstown on May 14th. The meeting was co-hosted by His Grace, Bishop Gregory and Very Reverend Protopresbyter Frank Miloro, Chancellor.

Father Frederick Watson, Commission chairman, reported on a presentation he made to the priests of our diocese during a Lenten Retreat hosted by Bishop Gregory at Camp Nazareth in March. Father Frederick’s presentation was an opportunity to pave the way for the forthcoming introduction of the Commission’s second volume of stewardship educational material and programs (Stewardship Resource II). The full text of Father Frederick’s Retreat presentation is available here. Resource II will be distributed at the October 20-23 2013 Diocesan Council/Sobor, and will also be made available on the Diocesan website, www.acrod.org.

In the course of his Retreat presentation Father Frederick received several requests for help with Orthodox stewardship education and implementation in their parishes from Diocesan priests. Resource II, along with Resource I (which was distributed at the last Council-Sobor and is also available on this website) were designed to provide that help.

The Commission’s ‘Traveling Educator,’ Stephanie Betsa (Left), reported that she is available starting immediately to bring her Sunday-after-Liturgy coffee hour program, Teaching Stewardship to the Laity, to your parish. Stephanie has encouraged the faithful at many of our Diocesan parishes to recognize and utilize their God-given time and talents for His glory, to benefit their communities, and for their personal spiritual enrichment. You can reach her at sttikhon@yahoo.com to arrange a visit at your coffee hour.

The Commission can also bring customized services to you at your deanery meetings or similar settings where the stewardship challenges of several parishes may be efficiently addressed in a single venue. For more information contact us at Stewardship@acrod.org.

A survey is being prepared to help the Commission implement educational programs that will address the stewardship needs, problems and hopes of your parish. Your candid responses will help us better serve you.

The Commission is also preparing a stewardship workshop for the October Sobor, to include a presentation by His Grace, Bishop Gregory.

Because education is vital for effective stewardship in the parish, the Commission is asking each parish community to identify a lay Stewardship Chairman who will become their local representative to the Diocesan Stewardship Commission. Ideally this would be someone who will be attending the Sobor, either as a delegate or a guest, in order for them to receive the benefit of the workshop experience there.

The concept of Stewardship as a way of life will be introduced into the curriculum at Christ the Saviour Seminary and the Diocesan Deaconate program beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year.

Stewardship education is also provided to all of us through the monthly stewardship articles in the Church Messenger. These articles will also be published on the diocesan website, www.acrod.org.

The Commission is looking into the use of Skype or similar popular teleconferencing facilities to bring custom services to the deaneries and parishes.

Stewardship education was introduced to our Diocesan campers in the summer of 2011, and planning is underway for this summer’s sessions.

The Commission will meet next in early October to finalize Sobor workshop plans, and to continue work on future Resources III and IV. These will focus on enhanced stewardship of our Time and Talents within and beyond our local parish community, and on legacy and capital giving, respectively.

If you have questions or suggestions concerning Stewardship, whether personal, parish or Diocesan, send an email to us at Stewardship@acrod.org.

Members of your Diocesan Stewardship Commission include Father Frederick Watson (Chairman), Father Basil Aden, Deacon Steve Hall, Trustee John Bilanin and Stephanie Betsa.